python cgi problem with method = post

phil interstar at
Fri Sep 19 22:02:35 CEST 2003

This is a quick plea on something that has me stumped.

I have a python script importing "cgi"

I developed my script on a local machine using method = get for
uploading form data.

My code worked locally and on the hosting service I'm using.

I changed to using method = post

On my local machine this change works transparently.

On my hosting service's machine, all the values that the form returns
to the script are now empty.

So, I don't expect anyone to be able to answer this ... but what
*kind* of thing should I be looking for? Is it to do with versions of
python (2.1.3 locally, 2.2 remotely) or "cgi"? Or the webserver (I'm
using Apache on Debian locally, I suspect my host is Apache on Red Hat

Is it something I haven't thought of?


phil jones

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