Web server with Python

Patrick Useldinger p.useldinger at myrealbox.com
Fri Sep 12 00:04:27 CEST 2003

Hi all, 
after my unsuccessful try to run Apache 2 with mod_python and Python
2.3, I am looking for an alternative approach.
My aim is to write a small web-based application:

- the solution must be based / usable on Python 2.3

Targeted plaforms are
- Windows 2000 Server
- Windows XP Pro
- AIX 5.1

- supporting up to 50 concurrent client connections
- must be able to use Python 2.3 to create dynamic pages
I can think of 3 alternatives to Apache:
- Medusa
- Twisted
- Zope
Which one is the easiest to work with? Which one is known to work on an
AIX 5.1 platform, for instance?

Persistent storage
- Is ZODB easily usable from outside Python, i.e. to produce reports
without reverting to programming?
- Is MySQL with Python a good combination?


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