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jjl at (John J. Lee) wrote previously:
|Pearson and O'Reilly owned by a single company, or something?  I have
|a vague recollection that Pearson owns some other companies...

There's been a huge amount of consolidation in publishing.  Pearson is
not the parent of Addison-Wesley, Longman, Benjamin Cumming, New Riders,
Peachpit, Cisco Press, Prentice Hall, SAMS, Que, and several more
imprints.  It's really a rather bad thing, although they do not seem to
use the degree of ideological acid-test that, say, MediaCorp
acquisitions do.

I started writing my book for AW, only to find it a Prentice book when
it was published (it still has the AW imprint, but the meaning seems

That said, I'm pretty sure that O'Reilly remains one of the few
independent publishers of technical books.  I think Manning is also.

Yours, David...

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