Tkinter cursor question

Gary Richardson garyr at
Sun Sep 21 16:52:02 CEST 2003

> @sourceName
>     This form only works on Windows, and will load a Windows system cursor
> (.ani or .cur) from the file specified in sourceName.
> Kindly
> MichaelP

Thanks for your reply. I am using Windows so I guess I'm out of luck as far
as designing my own cursor. I tried the form that is supposed to work with
windows but no luck with that either. The code below produces the error
message:  TclError: bad cursor spec "@CROSS_M.CUR". I also tried using the
full pathname ("@C:\windows\cursors\cross_m.cur" and
"@c:\\windows\\cursors\\CROSS_M.CUR") but the result was the same. Any
further advice?

Gary Richardson
from Tkinter import *

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