None, False, True

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Tue Sep 16 23:52:04 CEST 2003

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>     >> If I remember it right, None is going to be promoted into keywords
>     >> soon. Therefore the warning.
>     M-a-S> Will it be lower-case (together with false and true) like all
>     M-a-S> other keywords or is it just a start of mess?
> Python is a case-sensitive language. Variables named "none" and "None" are
> different.  It's unlikely that Python's case-sensitive properties will
> change, so the SyntaxWarning will only be raised for "None".
> Skip

That's why I feel that none, true and false must be literals and keywords (not variables).

BTW this won't prevent True and False from staying in the language (till 3.0 :-)
and behaving exactly as they do now:

>>> True = False; False = not True
>>> False
>>> True

Only the output will be

>>> False
>>> True


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