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Mon Sep 8 08:38:19 CEST 2003

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> Please don't consider this, the majority of corporate users will find
> the site themselves or through links in articles magazines, etc. so
> they will still get first impressions from the main home page. If
> anything we could provide a developer portal page which may be used
> as a bookmark. [...]  What is
> wrong with the information architecture / navigation on the page
> proposal. 

The new version is well-executed.  Different elements contrast; most
people like seeing faces (especially when they're flush with

But as a DEVELOPER, it doesn't work for me.  I hate seeing
happy-looking guys when I get out of bed with someone to bang out some
code that struck me.  Announcements are trapped in their safe boxes,
which dominate their content.

What I want as a developer is in conflict with what I'd want as a
businessperson.  A suit wants good /relevant/ info, that tells her
Python isn't snake oil, that it's a good investment that also conforms
to standards.  Maybe a directory of consultants and supporting
software to purchase.  Every so often something new, like someone
sharing Powerpoint slides that made his audience feel educated.

If the sites aren't separated, the danger is noise.  The best sites
focus.  Like and Google.  Apple is pleasant to visit because
there are a few sharp things to announce.  If you can please two
audiences with one page, you're very skilled.

- Tayssir John Gabbour

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