Python Database Objects (PDO) 1.0.1 Released

Bryan J Gudorf bgudorf at
Wed Sep 24 00:45:41 CEST 2003

   We at NeuroKode Labs, LLC, are proud to announce the release of Python
Database Objects (PDO) 1.0.1. The current release adds support for
via the pgdb Module.
   As released previously: Python Database Objects (PDO) provides an easy to
use Object
Oriented API for database developers. PDO utilizes DB-API modules for
database access,
but allows for a Common Object Oriented API across RDBMS. Thus, PDO can be
thought of
as a 'wrapper' around the DB-API and database specific modules.
   PDO offers a unique interface which includes such features as column
access by name,
forward and backward movement through a result set and much, much more.
   Downloads for Python Database Objects are available on SourceForge.Net
or for more information please visit

~Bryan J Gudorf
NeuroKode Labs, LLC

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