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> Hi,
> How well is Python suited for developing database based
> I am new to Python so please bear with me if some of the questions
> too simple. I specifically have the following questions:
> 1. Is there an example of a simple data-entry application written in
> Python using a GUI interface? Something like a simple address book
> with a listbox displaying all addresses with the ability to
> add/modify/delete.

I hope someone else answers this.

> 2. There seem to be a number of GUI frameworks available? Which one
> good for use on Windows and Linux?

Most people prefer the one they use.  No surprise.  Use google to find
previous threads on this topic.

> 3. Can Python apps be compiled to an exe?

No, Python code cannot currently be compiled to a native code .exe in
the way you probably mean.  Yes, Python bytecode (including included
modules) can be combined with a copy of the interpreter in a
distributable .exe,  Googling 'Python executable' perhaps with
'McMillan' (spelling?) should get you previous posts with links.

> Can the resulting executable be distributed commercially?


> 4. What types of applications are not suitable to be written in


Terry J. Reedy

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