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>had a profound effect on all of us. Call this extremely geeky, but I
>love the idea of tinkering around with the old machines described in
>that book. I'll have to search for a simulator when I get a spare few
>hours! I found it full of detail (not too technical, but lots of
The opportunities here are greater than you might realize.
There's a great deal of amateur "retro-computing" activity:
enthusiasts with PDP11s in their basement, and so on.  A
distinct, but equally engaging area, is that of emulators;
wonderful work has been done to recreate the behavior of
antique systems.  While some of it is ill-maintained, I
try to point to only the highlights in <URL:
http://phaseit.net/claird/comp.os.misc/emulators.html >.

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