IDE with a specific feature

Michael Geary Mike at
Mon Sep 29 02:09:37 CEST 2003

> I don't want to get into a 'which IDE is the best' conversation. I'm
> looking for an IDE that has the ability to view 2 (or more)
> methods/functions within the same module simultaneously.
> I've looked at the screen shots for Komodo, Wing, BlackAdder, etc and
> it is not obvious that any of them have this feature.
> This is something I got use to in Smalltalk and have found it quite
> useful when working on several methods that work closely together.

It's good to be able to view more than one part of a source file, and of
course you'll want to rule out IDEs that don't meet your basic requirements.
But there are a lot of other things that can make you love or hate an
IDE--so why don't you download a few of them and try them out for yourself?
I tried all of the IDEs mentioned in this thread and quickly found that
Komodo fit my taste the best. (And it does let you view two portions of a
file at once--although it would be better if it allowed more splits than

I like PythonWin too, but the others didn't do it for me at all. Not getting
into a "which IDE is best" conversation :-) but a couple of my requirements
were ClearType support and an interface that wouldn't be confusing when
switching back and forth between a Python IDE and Microsoft Visual Studio.
Obviously, other people will have different priorities.

So go try out a few different IDEs--it didn't take very long for me to do


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