Passing a String to a Python CGI Script

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Sat Sep 27 00:52:44 CEST 2003

I figured this thing out.  But, really truly no one could have suggested the
use of standard I/O????

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> I'll reword that:
> A client is writing a string to the web server (IPlanet on a Sun Server)
> using a java program.  The client then establishes a connection with a cgi
> Python program on the server.  This client wants the string to be passed
> into this cgi Python script on the server.
> There are no name=value request pairs.  How can this cgi Python script
> the string sent to the web server.  The client is POSTING the string as a
> REQUEST.  For the Pythong cgi script I am using CGI module to handle
> requests and responses.  However, how do you handle this REQUEST?
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> > When one is using an HTML form via a web broswer, the user submits the
> form
> > contents and these are passed to a CGI Python script on the web server.
> > I need to write a client script that connects to a web site, runs a
> > CGI script on the web server AND passes a string to the CGI Python
> > that the Python CGI script can store/manipulate/evalute etc....
> > I know how to connect to the web site and run the CGI Python script
> a
> > client Python script with the urllib module.  But how do I submit/send a
> > string via this client Python script to the web server on behalf of the
> > Python script?  Can someone give me a clue or a hint on how to do that?
> Do
> > I write the string to the web server?  If so, how would the CGI Python
> > script know about it, read it, and store it?
> > Thanks,
> > DeepBleu
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