ANN: The release of BlackAdder V1.0.0 - this time for real :)

John Dean john at
Thu Sep 18 11:05:52 CEST 2003

I have to agree with the assertion that very slow to update
the web site, hence the reason why I have sort of taken it upon myself to do
something about it. I work for and no matter how hard I push,
nothing ever seems to get done. They all agree that improvement have to be
made. will still handle sales but my web site will handle
promotion and marketing -
Even though BA is not my project (I am the co-author of Rekall - a Python
programmable cross platform database independant GUI database client - sorry
for the shameless plug) I will do whatever I can to keep the group and my
web site up to date. One thing I would like to do it to set up a BA Forum on Freeback, suggestions, criticism (good or bad), etc is
essential for the developement and improvement of any software project. I
will make sure any and all posts get a mention at our weekly conference.
Therefore, I encourage anybody and everybody who has an interest in the
present and future development of BA (or any other of theKompany's projects)
to register as a user at

Best Regards

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