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Riccardo Attilio Galli riquito at riquito.matrix
Tue Sep 23 23:09:37 CEST 2003

On Tue, 23 Sep 2003 12:34:56 -0400, Aahz wrote:

> This is extremely difficult to do in a secure way.  What you need to do
> is encrypt the e-mail password before storage; each time the user starts
> the e-mail application, zie needs to enter the local password.  There are
> other less secure options, all of which (with some partial exceptions)
> equate to "no security" from the perspective of a security professional.
> (E.g. relying on the OS to keep the data secure.)
> Python does not make encryption available in its "batteries included"
> philosophy because of the legal problems.  M2Crypto is probably the
> module most often used; see also

ok, thank you all.

curiosity: what is "zie" intended to mean? It is maybe slang for he/she ?


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