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Fri Sep 12 03:14:05 CEST 2003

On Thu, 04 Sep 2003 08:03:22 GMT, in article
<elC5b.11632$hE5.410636 at>, Alex Martelli wrote:

> Jules Dubois wrote:
>> That's the only Python book you think worth having?  Or buying?
> Speaking as both the co-editor of the Cookbook and the author of the
> Nutshell, if I had to choose ONE Python book "worth having or buying"
> I think I'd go for the Nutshell.  Hard decision, though.

I discovered the Engineering library had ordered _Nutshell_, but it hadn't
been delivered from the main library.  I requested it and got it the next

However, seeing for the first time Python's syntax in _Nutshell_ was enough
to scare me away.  We had to commit today to development in Java or Python.
I had made a firm decision to choose Java, even buying a book on the
Eclipse IDE.  Just before sign-ups, we discovered a sample Tkinter
application on the class' internal BBS.  After comparing the Tkinter code
to the Swing code I've read, I signed up for the Python development team
five minutes later.

This afternoon, I bought _Cookbook_.  When _Nutshell_ is due at the
library, I'll buy it too.

Thanks for your suggestions.

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