ANN: The release of BlackAdder V1.0.0 - this time for real :)

Ken Godee ken at
Thu Sep 18 05:37:34 CEST 2003

Lothar Scholz wrote:
> Ken Godee <ken at> wrote in message news:<mailman.1063810287.4212.python-list at>...
>>I downloaded the demo and as far as I can tell it's fully fuctional
>>Here's a quote from the opening screen......
> and heres a quote from the web site.
> ------------
> A demonstration version of BlackAdder can be downloaded at no charge.
> The demonstration version has the following limitations.
> You cannot save any changes to Python or Ruby scripts or GUI form
> designs.
> There is no HTML documentation. 
> There is no Python Qt extension module. You can download this for
> yourself from the PyQt/PyKDE homepage.
> There is no ODBC connectivity. You can download this for yourself from
> ----
> i hope that there support for the program is better then the support
> for their website. Everything in the last weeks doesn't look very
> promising.

I downloaded it all right from there site, Qt<->python converted html 
docs as well (except ODBC, on win32 I use pyscopg).

Know matter how you look at it, This is a GREAT DEAL, just for the 
Qt/pyqt license issue's alone!
The kompany has put together a good deal with Trolltech and riverbank 
for python users. $79 personal and $399 commercial with rights to 
distribute the run-time elements.
I guess one could stick with straight c++ and pay trolltech $2,000 plus 
per developer instead if you wanted to :)
(opps, for win32 platform development might want to spend another grand+ 
to compile with MS VC++ compiler)

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