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nobody nobody at nowhere.near.here
Fri Sep 26 19:21:50 CEST 2003

Are you using PythonWin? IF yes than use tools->com makepy utility from the
menu. I think it does what you want.
<jwsacksteder at ramprecision.com> wrote in message
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> I am attempting to do something that has apparently never yet been done
> before- implement a Crystal Reports User Function Library in Python. I
> suppose I should preface this by saying "I just barely understand what I
> doing".
> CR has a standard for creating plug-ins that implement functions too
> complicated to be done in CR's own internal grammar. When CR starts up, it
> looks for COM automation servers starting with CRUFL and makes their
> available as additional formulas inside CR.
> I have implemented a COM automation object that is registered and can be
> called with Dispatch. It does, in fact, accept an input string and return
> properly-formatted output.
> HOWEVER- My object does not appear the the 'COM Browser' of Activestate's
> Pythonwin, and fails to be included in CR. This leads me to believe my
> little endeavour has gone off the rails somehow.
> My class definition(sans methods) looks something like this:
> class code128tools:
>     _public_methods_    = [ 'code128B' ]
>     _reg_progid_        = "CRUFLfoo.code128"
>     _reg_desc_           = "Crystal Reports UFL Code128 toolkit"
>     _reg_clsid_          = "{733D454C-43C1-436F-A0E2-E12AE05E4F07}"
> I think I have failed to define the 'type library'. I welcome any
> gratefully.

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