Zope locking

ted holden medved at fcc.net
Thu Sep 4 20:50:51 CEST 2003

Dumb question here.

Every once in a while, while playing around with or experimenting with Zope, 
I either get clumsy with my hands and don't click something thoroughly 
enough or I do some combination of things which Zope can't deal with (this 
is on the manage screen), and the thing locks up.  All I've been able to do 
so far when that happens is to break out of zope, kill any zope processes 
lying around, and delete the lock file which gets created in the var 

I assume there's got to be some better way, i.e. some step I could take from 
the manage screen which would unhang or unlock the system.  I'd appreciate 
hearing from anybody who knows what that might be.

Ted Holden
medved at fcc.net

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