Indexing list of lists

Peter Otten __peter__ at
Wed Sep 17 16:51:58 CEST 2003

Hilde Roth wrote:

> Thanks for the suggestion but zip is not nice for large lists
> and as for array/numpy, although I chose a numeric example in
> the posting, I don't see why only numeric arrays should enjoy
> the benefit of such a notation.
> l[;0] is illegal right now but does anyone of any other bit
> of syntax it might conflict with if proposed as an extension?

I think that in alist[from:to:step] the step argument is already overkill.
If there is sufficient demand for column extraction, I would rather make it
a method of list, as alist[:columnIndex] can easily be confused with
alist[;toIndex] (or was it the other way round :-). Would you allow
slicing, too, or make slicing and column extraction mutually exclusive?
Here's how to extract rows 2,4,6 and then columns 4 to 5:

m = n[2:7:2;4:6]  # not valid python

Also, ";" is already used (though seldom found in real code) as an alternate
way to delimit statements.
So your suggestion might further complicate the compiler without compelling
benefits over the method approach.


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