Interested in learning Python with me?

M mmmmn77NOSPAM at
Wed Sep 10 07:47:15 CEST 2003

Hi, i'm trying to gather a small group of people who wants to learn Python
from the beginning with me.

First a few lines about myself (very few!:)):
I have practically no experience with any kind of programming (tried some,
but always got stuck in the beginning with various languages) - but now I
feel its the time to finally learn a programming language.

Having read a bit in various programming-groups on usenet, i've come to the
conclusion that Python is the most suitable (easy to use,
platform-independant, easy syntax, free, and very powerful - or so i've read
anyway :-)).

My goal is to be able to make small utilities for myself mainly, in a MS
Windows environment (and MAYBE later Linux), and if I really get the hang of
programming - I imagine taking a closer look on some of the different
"web"-languages (php, asp, xml etc. etc.) or even another "real" language
like Java.

My plan is that we (maybe 2-10 people) follow a few of the same
books/tutorials, not neccesarily at the same speed, and then on a daily (or
so) basis exchange experiences and ask things one might have had trouble
understanding etc.

A combination of a forum and icq/msn/etc. might be a good idea to keep in
contact during the learning-process, but I'm of course open for other

I've been skimming through various tutorials and books about Python, and the
free book named "How to Think Like a Computer Scientist:Learning with
Python" -  I find to be a good book
for beginners - not TOO big, and yet it contain some nice explanations.
So unless any better suggestions, I think we should be following that book
for a start.

It's not my plan to make a very strict reading-plan we all HAVE to follow -
I see it more as an attempt to create an open forum for total beginners
where we help eachother out with problems we get from the tutorials/books we
read. And hopefully it will end up with small projects we help eachother
with or even work together on! :)

If you are interested, drop me an email on mmmmn77NOSPAM at
(remove 'nospam') and tell me in a couple of lines of yourself, and your
experience or lack of, with programming. Or feel free to ask any questions
in here or come with suggestions, or even critique of my "plan" :-).


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