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Philip Austin paustin at eos.ubc.ca
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Alex Martelli <aleax at aleax.it> writes:

> Gould is a great writer, even though in his later works he often gives in to
> unstructured rambling (I can of course well sympathize with THAT 
> temptation:-) -- Dawkins, IMHO, isn't, even though in "The selfish gene" he
> does manage (by a mix of his powerful ideas and his dry direct prose) to
> be truly riveting.  My personal choice for Gould's masterpiece is "The
> Mismeasure of Man".  If you do want to see (essentially) Dawkins' ideas
> presented by a truly great writer, try Matt Ridley -- "Genome", "Origins of
> Virtue", "Red Queen", all superb writing (haven't read "Nature via Nurture"
> yet -- I'll wait for the paperback).  Not to be confused with *Mark* Ridley,
> who also writes (quite worthwhile books and antologies) in exactly the
> same field, mind you.

See Allen Orr's New York Review of Books article for a cogent
critique of Ridley's "Nature via Nurture":



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