Where to publish my code

Erik Lechak prochak at netzero.net
Mon Sep 22 06:39:09 CEST 2003

Hello All,

I have started working on a graphical programming tool for Python.  It
is similar to Matlab's Simulink (block diagram programming tool).  I
am at a point where I would like to publish the code, but I am not
sure where to put it.

I don't need public CVS, bug list, feature suggestions ... I do need
space on the server to store the application (it just can't point to
my site).  I would like the ability to update my code easily and
frequently.  It would be nice but not necessary to see how many people
have downloaded the code.

So far some solutions are:

1) Vaults of Parnassus - have not tried it yet. The registration
process makes it looks like they don't provide the space for the
application.  I could be wrong?

2) Sourceforge - A little too bloated for my needs.  But they do
provide the space to put my code.  I used them before and it was kind
of a pain to do updates.

3) wxpython-pit.sourceforge.net - Is this a popular site?

Are there other locations?  Any recommendations?

Erik Lechak

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