Need arguments for "Python vs. Perl as an OOPL"

Chris Stromberger bit_bucket5 at
Tue Sep 23 14:11:54 CEST 2003

On Mon, 22 Sep 2003 23:24:21 -0400, Roy Smith <roy at> wrote:

>I'm working on a prototype of a new application in Python.  At some 
>point, if this ever turns into a product, the powers that be will almost 
>certainly demand that it be done in Perl.  My job will be to convince 
>them otherwise.
>The basic design of the application is object oriented.  I've never used 
>Perl's OO features, so I'm not in a good position to make a comparison 
>of the two languages from an OO point of view.  Can somebody who's done 
>OOP in both Python and Perl help me out?
>I certainly know why Perl sucks in general, but for this purpose, I need 
>to specifically compare the OO features of the two.  I'm looking for 
>something more fundamental than "->{} is ugly".

Perl classes: unintuitive, hard to learn, IS ugly!  Good luck.  I work
in a Perl shop.  Only a few of us are on to Python.  Cannot seem to
break through to the Perl Zombies.

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