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Mon Sep 1 14:08:54 CEST 2003

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>Dan and I are long time php programmers. One thing that is superb about 
>php, is it's online documentation that everyone in the community can 
>contribute to (not the actual documentation, just comments with 
>Every since I first started using python, I've truly missed a 
>documentation source similar to that of PHP's. So Dan and I have started 
>our little project to make a documentation site in the spirit of that 
PHP's documentation has indeed been a great success as a 
collaborative adventure.

Python already has a structure--and much content!--for 
comparable collaboration in <URL: http:// >.  Moreover, as several
follow-ups have explained, Python developers have differ-
ent work practices than PHPers, and a different relation
to documentation.  In particular, it's hard to overempha-
size how much working Python programmers depend on 
interactive introspection:  use of the interpreter's
built-in help, pydoc, and related facilities to discover
and confirm details that, in PHPonia, are regarded as 
matters for online documentation.

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