IDE with a specific feature

Peter Milliken peterm at
Mon Sep 29 06:07:14 CEST 2003

Emacs - allows screen splitting vertically and horizontally into as many
sections as you can handle on your monitor i.e. I have a 17" monitor and
find 4 buffers visible at any time to be about right for comfort, but
occassionally I'll split even one of these into two (horizontally of
course - at this point you can't read much if you split vertically :-)).
Quite often one of them is the Python interpretor session in which I am
debugging source I am looking at in another screen buffer.......

Emacs also has a supports package/mode available called escreen - this is a
"duplication" (for Emacs) of the Unix screen utility - it basically allows
multiple screens (the screen utility on Unix allowed multiple virtual
terminals on a character based terminal), each of which you can then split
as you like. So you can get some quite complicated combinations all within
the same edit session (of course multiple "screens" like this aren't visible
at once).


"Daniel Klein" <danielk at> wrote in message
news:j7ocnvshp0jar2duskdgpd92qc7blvf8t0 at
> I don't want to get into a 'which IDE is the best' conversation. I'm
> looking for an IDE that has the ability to view 2 (or more)
> methods/functions within the same module simultaneously.
> I've looked at the screen shots for Komodo, Wing, BlackAdder, etc and
> it is not obvious that any of them have this feature.
> This is something I got use to in Smalltalk and have found it quite
> useful when working on several methods that work closely together.
> Daniel Klein

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