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Graham Fawcett fawcett at
Tue Sep 16 05:20:22 CEST 2003

ads wrote:

>Thank you for the respon,
>But right now I'm still not ready using linux, a lot of my client were
>using windows. Is someone know what should I use to create text
>console application like clipper using python in (stupid) windows?

Stupid Windows? Now, now, let's not start a flamewar. ;-)

I've never used it, but I do see that there is a "Curses for Windows for 
Python" project at

though it's an "alpha" stage project.

There's also "public domain curses" or pdcurses, available for Win32,

Presumably it would work with the Python curses module. But again, I've 
not used it.

In my opinion, you would probably have more success writing a GUI 
application using one of the "easy" app builders like PythonCard. It may 
be a new experience for you, but there will be more people who would be 
able to support you and answer your questions.

-- Graham

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