spyce hangs on 'file not found'

Nowan nowan.noware at nohowe.net
Fri Sep 5 05:41:15 CEST 2003


I'm running

Win 2K Pro
Apache 1.3 (IBM version, starting manually, not a service)
Spyce 1.3.11 (latest version)
Python 2.2.2 (ActiveState)

Everything installed as an administrator.

Brand new to both Python and Spyce, got some python CGIs working, and 
the Spyce examples.

Altered httpd.conf to so Spyce would handle entire contents of 
/template/ directory.  (Spyce's standard config is to handle based on 
file extension.  Want my templates to have an. html extension for ease 
of use with other tools.)

Works fine, except when I attempt to read a nonexistent file.  In other 
words, I go after /template/stuff.html but stuff.html doesn't exist.

Ordinary CGIs work correctly, meaning Apache correctly handles a 'file 
not found'

Spyce works differently.  The browser hangs.  My CPU utilization goes to 
100% and I get a runaway python process I can't kill, even as administrator.

Any suggestions?  A python bug or a spyce bug?  Reading the source for 
either is way beyond my level now?  Known problem? Workaround?

Anyone know how I can kill the runaway python process?


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