Fsrit Propttoye: SCLABMRE

Gary Herron gherron at islandtraining.com
Fri Sep 19 17:50:47 CEST 2003

Wow!  This otavbeiorsn is both aimznag and eaittnnnerig.
I was trohugh the Sjceubt: line and into the fisrt
senencte brefoe I even rleeiazd annhtiyg was odd.

Gary Herron

On Wednesday 17 September 2003 06:18 am, Frnak "Sealmbcrd Eggs" Lomax wrote:
> I hvae jsut fhiseind rniedag a Shdlaost atrlcie from Mnoday, Sbepemetr
> 15th, aobut an ingtriniug sdtuy from Cgbdirmae Uinevtrsiy, dciinesrbg
> how wodrs with thier itienrors selmrbacd can siltl be rdbaleae.
> Bcaeuse of the tioeznme that I lvie in, an initettrment dfceet in my
> clbae medom, and the lneiignrg atfer-ecfefts of my lsat "mohsroum
> salad exntarvzagaa", I am aaylws two days bhneid on the Web.
> So suentnd was I at the icoinatpimls of this study, taht I
> cunlqtneesoy decedid to doetve my etrnie lfie and gtelray aeamssd
> fnrtoue on cunitodcng ftrhuer rasreech and dnpeeelmvot into tihs
> lifnsaevig tghlocnoey.  As a cross-eeyd dxsiyelc, I konw that teshe
> cilmas of svotailan are niehetr hlroyepbe nor bmobaistc
> over-daaomtiazitrn.
> Pnseetred hree for your rveiew, aaovpprl and disiscsuon, is our
> poyptotre sytsem, caelld SLABCRME for SeCren Rslmnebeig Aacrihc
> Mnoaaluptiin of BetaoLd Ecuitolon.  I have scnie bugen a meosdt
> sutartp based in Aceicdnt Maarnlyd, and we will soon be reeianlsg an
> Olutook puglin, anolg with a sftorwae devmoeelpnt kit, and oethr
> digintoasc tloos.  Smoe of our tlgeocnhoy wlil nallaruty be open
> sruoce, but I do ietnnd and ecpext to frutehr etnxed my hoougmuns
> wtaleh by sinlelg sftorawe lcseiens and srhink wrapped ratiel pocrudt.
> Psaele cactnot us for more iomrfaiontn.
> I'm aslo in enpommelyt duicnssioss wtih the Tmboit; I ecepxt that he
> can bosot the pmecarrofne of our pooyptrte's itmpeanetolmin
> salreolefvd, at wcihh piont we will be pthincig emdbeded ssmeyts to
> the mfntacuuearrs of ruoters, eiltncreoc trprwyeiets, psnreoal dtaiigl
> astsntsais, eorctinlec cepmutor coltlerond tersotas, maet prbeos, RFC
> 1149 digtail cemara pheons, and nxet gniaoetern wopehoe csionuhs.
> hinpog-to-be-deotersyd-by-moroscift-ly y'rs,
> -fnark

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