Python mascot? How about a Pythoneer?

Stephen Ferg steve at
Mon Sep 29 03:37:37 CEST 2003

I've been thinking that a good Python mascot might help in raising
public awareness of Python.

The problem with a snake as a mascot is that it is not anthropomorphic
enough.  An effective mascot has to have something approximating two
arms, two legs, and a head, so that he can be put into various
interesting situations and adventures.  (At the very least, he has to
be able to work a keyboard and a mouse!)  Good examples can be found
in some of the imaginative things that have been done with Linux's

So a snake is out.  

So are Terry Gilliam's wonderful cartoons for the Flying Circus. 
While wonderful, I just don't think they lend themselves to

With the snake and the  flying circus eliminated, we haven't got much
left.  Clearly, it is time to think out of the box.

In that spirit, I propose the development of a figure representing
Python -- the Pythoneer.

He'd be loosley based on Dave Stevens' Rocketeer (which became the
Disney movie, "The Rocketeer")  and/or on the Rocketman figure of the
old Republic serials -- Commando Cody, King of the Rocketmen, and so
on.  But he'd have a big "P" on his chest, like Guido has in the
second picture on

With a helmet, the Pythoneer's features are simplified enough to lend
themselves to small images, cartoons, and even (in the hands of
skilled artists) the expression of emotions.  The rocket pack suggests
the power of Python and the power that Python gives to developers. See
for example

The rocket pack also offers a useful means for getting/putting the
Pythoneer into interesting situations and adventures.

At first I liked the idea of a Pythoneer modelled on Dave Stevens'
Rocketeer, but after thinking about what I assume is a copyright on
the Rocketeer figure -- and also thinking that the riding pants get a
bit old after a while -- I have warmed to the clunky charms of the
original Rocketman figure with his bullet-like helmet.

So now the idea/proposal has been thrown into the comp.lang.python
arena.  Is the idea for a Python mascot a good one, or a stupid one? 
Is the idea of a Pythoneer a good one?  Or are there  other, better,
Python mascots just waiting to emerge?

-- Steve Ferg 

Here are some reference materials

The Rocketeer

The Rocketman

The Rocketeer and Rocketman

(This page proves that Jennifer Connelly would also make a great
Python mascot... I'm sure her presence would boost attendance at the


Finally,here are some things that have been done with Tux.

The original drawing by Larry Ewing:

Collections of Tuxes:

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