ANN: Guis 1.4 release (GTK2 scriptable widget server)

Basile STARYNKEVITCH basile-news at
Sat Sep 6 08:44:35 CEST 2003

>>>>> "yaipa" == yaipa h <yaipa at> writes:

    yaipa> Basile, Nice work, I don't know when I'll get a chance to
    yaipa> try it, but I like the model. I've been thinking as of
    yaipa> late, if you can have web servers why not GUI widget
    yaipa> servers? Guess I now know the answer. You can.

    yaipa> So when do we get the 'drag-n-drop' forms. ;^)

You already have them: you just just have to code the appropriate
initial script (Python or Ruby).

The idea in Guis is that each application has (usually) an appropriate
initial script (in Python or Ruby) which defines the functions (which
initialize and manage the widgets) which are called by later protocol
exchanges. So usually you define a start function (in Ruby or Python,
inside the initial script) which realize your graphical user interface
(creating windows, widgets, and putting callbacks..), and the first
request from application to Guis is a call to this start function.

Since Drag&Drop (DnD) is already existing in Gtk and since it is
callable thru Ruby or Python you can have DnD, provided you code it in
your script.

See for more.

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