file position *tell()* works different

Richie Hindle richie at
Fri Sep 19 12:35:00 CEST 2003

> I wonder if the function *tell()* is not correctly implemented under win32.

> Anyway, you program works under Windows XP/Python 2.3 as expected:

M-a-S, are you sure you saved test_data.txt with Unix line endings?  I
tested Peter's script under WinXP/Python2.3 as well, and it failed as
expected (though with slightly different results):

>pythonw -u
Filepointer:   0
Filepointer:   8
Filepointer:  20
Filepointer:  31
Filepointer:  50

Filepointer:   0
Filepointer:  11
Filepointer:  22
Filepointer:  32
Filepointer:  50

Richie Hindle
richie at

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