My future Python IDE article

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Tue Sep 9 20:25:00 CEST 2003

Hi David,

1) WingIDE
2) Komodo
And now for something completely different:
4) The really world's best outliner (man, I tried quite a few) and Literate
Programming Tool: Leo

Best regards

P.S.: I've listed Leo as (4) because I do not use it for programming, but
others do, with great success by the way. I use it to organize my projects,
contacts, as calender, as - well, for each and everything. And thru its
Clone-feature everything is always just a click away from where I am in my
outlines. And it's scriptable and and and. In short: I organize myself with
Leo. I do this since April 2003, still with great pleasure. Using Leo is
like programming Python: Each day's a pleasure like the first day. So, would
you have asked for PIMs to be suggested I would have written
1) Leo
2) Leo
3) Leo
4) Leo
Sory, I'm getting OT now...

"David Mertz" <mertz at> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
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> Pythonistas,
> My loyal fans :-) will remember that I did a Python IDE roundup for
> _Charming Python_ a couple years back.  Now I have another such roundup
> lined up... not the very next article, but it's there on the list.
> In the intervening years, I've hardly touched anything one might call an
> IDE.  I've looked at screenshots from time to time, and read various
> announcements.  But really I just use text editors and command lines.
> Here's the thing:  I probably have room to look at about four different
> tools in one article.  In fact, it wouldn't be absurd to only do three.
> Past that, I cannot do more than list contact information and platform
> in the available words.  I'm sure there are more than four IDEs that
> -someone- loves to work with out there... but I need to have a cutoff.
> So readers... make the case for your favorite one getting on the
> list.  I have a while to ponder the opinions advanced, should this
> prompt some discussion (it may take a little while to order review
> copies of commercial tools and/or get things installed).
> Yours, David...
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