CGI Redirect to another page

Andrew Dalke adalke at
Wed Sep 24 06:49:04 CEST 2003

Andrew Chalk:
> Assume that I have a static HTML page that I want
> displayed (e.g. index.htm). Other than 'print ...' is there any way to
> redirect to this URL (for example, like Response.Redirect() in ASP)?

The Response.Redirect likely works by putting something in
the header.  The HTML page you have doesn't have access to
the header.  However, you can use the meta tag to tell the
browser to look elsewhere.  But that won't work for tools which
don't parse the HTML.

It's an easy web search (once you know the right keywords :) -
"header redirect meta" and I found
 "How can I redirect the user to another page ?"
with three different answers

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