Comments on Python Redesign

Fernando Perez fperez528 at
Mon Sep 8 02:08:14 CEST 2003

Tim Parkin wrote:

> Fernando:
>> That's why you really need to post a readable
>> html site, not a png:  it's almost impossible for anyone but you to
>> properly judge the site with graphical screenshots. It takes a long

> time to create a professional html design that is cross browser to
> the extent needed for this site and also as accessibile as possible.
> I am unwilling to spend this amount of time just to get some feedback
> on a design that might possibly be used. To give you an idea of how
> much this HTML design would cost from a consultancy (which is what
> pollenation is), calculate professional rates at approx thirty two
> hours work (my guess, about £1,600 or maybe $2,500). Could someone
> please explain why it's impossible to judge the design of the site
> without it being rendered as HTML. Perhaps the accessibility / speed
> needs HTML, but not the design. Do people feel that the design would
> be impossible to create as a optimal HTML entity?

Well, with an image, nobody can tell if the layout remains sensible when users
set drastically different font defaults.  I, for one, use a laptop with a 14
in, 1600x1200 LCD.  I have fairly large font defaults set in mozilla, and my
fonts look gorgeous (many individual pixels per letter, they read almost like
printed paper).  Properly coded sites are no problem, the layout flows around
the text and it all looks just fine.  But I've also seen sites where the text
splatters all over the graphical elements, because those elements assumed a
fixed pixel size that text would never exceed.  Sites like that are a disaster
to read.

By looking only at a static png, I (or others in a similar situation), have no
way of knowing whether your proposed design would work ok or not with our font

I had assumed you had taken a screenshot from an existing test site in your
browser.  From your other posts, I'm starting to guess that you actually 'drew'
the design in a graphics program.  So I don't know if it's even possible for
you to provide in short order a functional mockup.

But you said you wanted this discussion in a marketing list I just don't have
the time to subscribe to, so I won't continue to post here further.  Good luck,


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