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Thu Sep 4 08:12:57 CEST 2003

Thank you,
I've already read this, but I hoped, there is a way to get these out
parameters beside this.
Because I cant redesign the function on the server side. So I have only the
possibility to change the client side code, which calls this function.
It seems there is no way in python to use it and get the new out paramter
value after finishing the function.

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> >>>>> "Birgit Rahm" <br_y at> (BR) wrote:
> BR> Hallo Newsgroup,
> BR> I have the following problem:
> BR> I work with Python 2.2 and invoke functions via CORBA ( I use
> BR> onmiORB/omniORBpy) on a server.
> BR> The server provides me a function, where the 3 arguments are
> BR> and the return is void / None.
> BR> How can I get these out arguments?
> BR> I have read that every argument is seen as local to the function and
> BR> can not be used as return value.
> BR> (I can't redesign the server function.)
> BR> Can I make the 3 arguments global before they were used in the
> BR> Does this help me?
> BR> Or what can I do?
> This is described in the Python language binding:
> Operations of an interface map to methods available on the object
> Parameters with a parameter attribute of in or inout are passed from left
> right to the method, skipping out parameters. The return value of a method
> depends on the number of out parameters and the return type. If the
> operation returns a value, this value forms the first result value. All
> inout or out parameters form consecutive result values. The method result
> depends then on the number of result values:
> * If there is no result value, the method returns None.
> * If there is exactly one result value, it is returned as a single value.
> * If there is more than one result value, all of them are packed into a
>   tuple, and this tuple is returned.
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