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Tue Sep 16 04:11:15 CEST 2003

jjl at pobox.com (John J. Lee) schreef:

> Well, I suppose I really don't know whether or not Qt uses, say, the
> native Windows tree control.  In the end, that's the point of
> interest: both Qt and wx were designed from the ground up to be
> cross-platform (unlike Tk -- I presume -- and certainly unlike GTk).
> Without reading the source code, you'd be hard pushed to figure out
> which things Qt reimplements, and which it reuses.

> Qt has never been slow or looked bad on Windows (or unix).

According to their website they use native Windows API, but when I tried 
some Qt-programs I've seen those subtle differences with normal Windows-
applications, which is very annoying at times.  When something looks 
similar, you expect it to behave similar.  :-(
(A good example of this is dialog boxes with No/Yes while that should be 
Yes/No on Windows.)

The rather simple Qt applications I have tried (one of them was Psi) took 
about 25-35% of system & GDI resource handles on Win98 (resource handles 
going below 5-10% is almost always "good" for a system crash in Win9x...) 
and they reacted a little slow at times.  Until now I never got this 
problem with wxWindows programs (e.g. Audacity) on Win98.

All this gave me the "I don't like Qt" feeling, but maybe it's just that I 
tried the wrong applications.  ;-)

Thinking about it, this might just be a Win9x <-> WinNT issue.


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