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> i know how to do a GET.
> :) i have this example.
> my contact tell my i must do a get AND a post :/
In which case your contact is likely talking through his or her hat. GET and
POST are HTTP methods. In any given interaction the client can do either a
GET or a POST (or one of a number of other methods: the operative word here
is ONE).

> GET to fuse param et POST for the others.
> dont know how do that.
I suspect what your contact means is that you have to provide the value of
(I presume you mean) fuseaction encoded in the URL, and that the rest must
be provided as POST data. This is a somewhat bizarre requirement (and their
server is obviously not written in Python, but that's another thread ...).

Try something like:

params = {}

params['user'] = '***';
params['password'] = '**********';
params['num_card'] = '******';
params['date_of_birth'] = '****';

params = urllib.urlencode(params)
f = urllib.urlopen("*****",params)

and see if that works. If not, go back to your contact for further
enlightenment. Do they mean two operations or just one?

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