problem about wxPython error

Anand Pillai pythonguy at
Sun Sep 21 20:40:37 CEST 2003

The wxPython imports are in the subdirectory wx in
its installation. So all wxPython programs (that I know)
begin with the following statement.

from wxPython.wx import *

Maybe there is a somewhere which you have
to locate. Even then I think you need to place the
above import statement before your wx code.


"Tinmean K.H.Liu" <khliu at> wrote in message news:<mailman.1064147609.31857.python-list at>...
> Hi!
> I install wxPython under WinXP
> when I want to use some simple sample, there is an error message:
>  File 
> "C:\Python22\Lib\site-packages\Pythonwin\pywin\framework\",
>  line 301, in RunScript
>     exec codeObject in   main  .  dict  
>   File "C:\Documents and 
> Settings\Tinmean\temp desktop\python 0921\", line 3, in ?
>     from frame import Frame
> ImportError: No module named frame
> From wiki's FAQ, I add new paths in  PYTHONPATH for wxPython and wx, but 
> it is no use.
> any one could help me?
> thanks!
> --Tinmean Liu in Taiwan
> --

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