Python port to Swiss Ephemeris work with 2.3?

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Fri Sep 5 14:04:00 CEST 2003

"Dave" <bluheaven2 at> wrote in message
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> > There's a Python port in the Vaults? Great!!! I'll see what I can figure
> > out about it. At a rough guess, it has to be recompiled for the new
> > BTW - have you checked on the Swiss Ephemeris mailing list? Who's the
> > John Roth
> Joshua Solomon is quoted as the author in the readme file.
> I didn't know there was a Swiss list, and I just did a websearch and
> got their address (swisseph at  I will post there, too.  For
> now, I reinstalled
> 2.2.2 and also downloaded the updated IdleFork which gives me the 2.3
> while running 2.2.  But, since 2.3 is supposed to be 20-30% faster, it
> would
> be nice if the port worked with that.  Let me know if you have any
> more
> advice or info.  Thanks -Dave

I found it on the Vaults under the Misc heading. Looks good.
Looks a lot better than my interface.

You need to recompile using the same compiler that Python
was compiled with (I believe that's VC 6 for the Windows version.)
Extension modules ***always*** need to be recompiled for major
Python releases.

John Roth

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