Pyhton 2.3 does not work

Tim Roberts timr at
Mon Sep 1 06:39:24 CEST 2003

"Avner Ben" <avner at> wrote:
>I need help with Python 2.3 installation in Windows.
>I installed Python 2.3 on both my computers (one running Windows XP and the
>other running Windows 98), after first uninstalling Python 2.2.3. In both
>computers, Python 2.3. keeps looking for "python22.dll" and would not work.
>This happens when running IDLE and when running python.exe and trying to
>import anything.
>I removed all mentions of pyhton22.dll from the registry and repaired it
>(with Registry Mechanic) - no help.
>I looked at PYTHONPATH and it has no mention of python22.
>Obviously, there is something left in my configurations that uninstalling
>2.2.3 would not amend.
>The only extensions to Python installed earlier were py2exe and wxPython. I
>took care to uninstall them first.

Did you download 2.3-compatible versions of py2exe and wxPython?  wxPython
includes several DLLs.  Those DLLs include references to a specific version
of Python.  If you reinstall the 2.2 version of wxPython, the DLLs will try
to load python22.dll.
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