Need arguments for "Python vs. Perl as an OOPL"

Tom Anderson twic at
Tue Sep 23 17:52:18 CEST 2003

On Tue, 23 Sep 2003, Roy Smith wrote:

> Peter Hansen <peter at> wrote:
> > Roy Smith wrote:
> > >
> > > I'm working on a prototype of a new application in Python.  At some
> > > point, if this ever turns into a product, the powers that be will almost
> > > certainly demand that it be done in Perl.  My job will be to convince
> > > them otherwise.
> >
> > Do you need to convince them now, to allow you to continue working on it
> > in Python, or are you just preparing for the time when they will come and
> > ask for it to be done in Perl?
> The latter.  It's currently a bit of a skunk works project.  At some
> point, when the time comes to actually allocate resources to this, some
> PHB will undoubtedly declare that it has to be done in Perl.  At that
> point, I'll need to be able to argue coherently why that's a bad idea.

why will they want it rewritten? usually, management want to maximise
productive output and minimise cost. rewriting it would have a definite
positive cost, so either they think the perl version will be superior in
some way, or they think it will save costs later on. if you (or we) know
what their motives are, you (or we) can get closer to getting them to do
what we want.


skills to pay the bills!

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