Pass-by-reference : Could a C#-like approach work in Python?

JCM joshway_without_spam at
Wed Sep 10 21:05:20 CEST 2003

Stephen Horne <$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$@$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$> wrote:

> 1.  I pointed out that this is an advantage of the C# system, which I
>     was proposing to imitate.
> : The C# solution uses a modifier keyword, but that keyword must be
> : specified in both the function definition *and* the call. For
> : instance...
> ...
> : The rationale for this in C#, I assume, is mostly about clarity and
> : maintainability - the caller can't be surprised when value type
> : parameters are changed in a function as he had to explicitly allow it.
> 2.  You quoted the example I labelled as "(roughly) what I'd like to
>     be able to do" and ignored the one where I adopted the C#
>     approach...

I enitirely missed the second half of your original post.  Oops.

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