newbie question on which win32 GUI to choose

John Hunter jdhunter at
Fri Sep 5 20:51:03 CEST 2003

>>>>> "Cameron" == Cameron Laird <claird at> writes:

    Cameron> experience inclines me to the former.  I've found pyGTK
    Cameron> too immature under Win*.  The people who claim success
    Cameron> with it are, from what I can tell, those who benefit from
    Cameron> consider- able prior GTK+ work.  --

I haven't found this.  I've written two applications in pygtk2 and one
plotting library that run with no alterations on linux and win32, and
I had no prior GTK+ experience, or any GUI experience for that matter.

As for immaturity, the gimp runs under windows, and I *think* pygtk
can do just about anything gtk can do, hence it's a pretty
sophisticated toolkit under windows.  What aspects do you find

And glade-2 is a nice RAD tool that runs under linux and win32.

Here are a couple of screenshots of a pygtk app using VTK that runs on
win32 and linux

John Hunter

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