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>  as we are going to develop a educational s/w for children at
preprimary level

My daughter started with simple games at about age 3, so I know this
can be productive.

> we are facing some problems in deciding what platform to choose and
what s/w to
> use. so please help.
> -we have more of graphics work.
> -we have two students working simutaneously on one system.
> -we will be having 4-5 systems in total in one classroom.
> -----shall we go for one system as a linux sever with somewhat
> -----shall we go for individual terminals with Linux 7.3, and with a
minimum of > around 600 MB of free space,Minimum requirement for RAM
32 MB. >Minimum requirement for Hard Disk 2.1GB,

The cheapest machines you can buy in US (about $600) have much more
than this.  With duplicate machines, any program you develop on one
will run on all.

>There will be no networking even  among machines at one location.

I think this would be a mistake.  Network cards cost US$10-20.  An
8-port hub or router < $200, I think.  When you write a program, it
will be *much* easier to install on other machine with a network.  The
same will be mostly true for files downloaded from Internet.

> -----which lanuage do you suggest - c/c++ or any browser based
software like
> php/python.

Python is not browser based.  It is a complete standalone language
just like C/C++.  It also has many free add-ons available, like
PyGame, which you might
find useful for games and other graphics work.

> please help and send your suggestions as soon as possible.
> my email id is bmproj2003 at yahoo.com

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