ANN: libtagedit and libtagedit-python 1.0 beta 2 released

Torsten Marek shlomme at
Mon Sep 1 15:22:46 CEST 2003


I am very glad to announce the release of libtagedit 1.0 beta2 and its
python bindings.
	Libtagedit is a C++ library with Python bindings using sip
( to make editing tags, information or
comments in music files easy. It has a plugin infrastructure for easy
extension and supports MP3 (ID3v2 reading/writing and ID3v1 reading),
Ogg Vorbis and (new in this release!) FLAC files.

.: Description:
	Due to the different structure and information stored in the several
music formats, this library only supports the storage of the seven
fields Title, Artist, Album, Year, Genre, Tracknumber and Comment (all
of arbitrary length in every file format). Also, length and bitrate
will be read from the file (more technical information like channels and
sample rate may be added in future 1.x releases). Editing the tags can
take place without any knowlegde of the file format on the disk, so
having complete albums consisting of different formats is not a problem
any more.
	Furthermore, using the Python bindings, file information can be easily
read out or changed in scripts or interactive sessions.
Creating, for example, m3u files becomes a cakewalk:

--== sample code ==--
import tageditor
import os

m3ufile = file("files.m3u", "w")
for f in os.listdir("."):
     if os.path.splitext(f)[1] not in tageditor.tagEditorExts():
     tag = tageditor.createTagEditor(f)
         "#EXTINF:%i,%s - %s\n" % (tag.getLength(),
     m3ufile.write(tag.filename() + "\n")
--== end of sample code ==--

.: Changes since 1.0b1:
2003-08-31  Torsten Marek  <shlomme at>
	* added FLAC support
	* changes/additions to the build system, now Ogg Vorbis and FLAC
	  are disabled when not detected on the system
	* released as 1.0b2
2003-06-01  Torsten Marek  <shlomme at>
	* in id3Tag::getSongInfo():
	  replaced head |= tmp[0] by head |= (unsigned char)tmp[0] to avoid
	  wrong length computation

There aren't any changes in the Python bindings, they're just for

.: Requirements:
	Ogg Vorbis libraries (optional)
	FLAC C and C++ libraries (optional)
	Python 2.2 or 2.3 with distutils
	sip 3.8
.: Where to get it:

.: Where to send questions:
Torsten Marek <shlomme at>

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