Interoperability between VB and Python under ASP

Max Ischenko max at
Wed Sep 3 09:51:20 CEST 2003


I've started to develop under Microsoft ASP framework, which allows 
different lang. used in a ActiveX page. I wonder about possible 
strategies to use Python modules from VBScript <%%> includes.

Right now I'm thinking about this approaches:
- create a COM server in Python to be able to call it from VB.
   Drawbacks: cumbersome and (probably) slow.
- pure data exchange. Python code sets some data in global env. that is
   afterwards read by VB. Drawbacks: very limited in nature.
- convert all VB pieces that need access to Python modules into Python.

Have I missed something or could anyone comment on this?
Discussion is wellcomed.

Regards, Max.

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