Simple python cgi question

Wilk wilkSPAM at
Thu Sep 18 09:28:06 CEST 2003

Stephen Boulet <stephen at> writes:

> I don't want report lab since I'll be using lilypond to generate the
> pdfs (I mentioned that I'd be calling the pdf generating program from
> python).
> What I needed to know was how to upload a file, really. I thought it
> might be trivial, but maybe not so ...

Yes it's trivial, you'll retreive the file with cgi.FieldStorage(),
you'll pass it to your local app with popen (a pipe) and retreive the
pdf with the pipe or open (a file), control the size of the buffer and
send the result with print.

Before, you'll print the right header content-type: application/pdf


William Dode -

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