Is there a web templating system like ruby's amrita ?

Jonah jonah13579 at
Mon Sep 15 18:08:02 CEST 2003

llothar at (Lothar Scholz) wrote in message news:<6ee58e07.0309120421.622cb55 at>...
> I there anything that completely avoid the use of python code inside 
> a template. I like the Amrita system because it allows me to design
> the templates with WYSIWYG editors and blind text.

I too, would appreciate any insight to this question.  I come from a
perl background, and now split my work about 50/50 between python and
perl.  The one area which I continue to use perl is for templating
purposes.  I think Template Toolkit is the best one out there
(especially for MVC purposes), and would love to use something
equivalent in python.  There had been talk of porting that module to
python (and even parrot), but AFAIK its still perl only.


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