PEPs link gone from the Python homepage?

Skip Montanaro skip at
Fri Sep 26 20:30:30 CEST 2003

    >> It's still readily accessible, but it's hard to see that "PEPs"
    >> should rank up there on the front page with more general concepts
    >> like "Documentation" or "Developers".  Front page real estate is
    >> always at a premium.  I think it's appropriate that they are referred
    >> as they are now.

    Dave> Yeah, but after the front page I looked under "Documentation" and
    Dave> didn't find it either.

Ah, but it was there. ;-) I don't know if we need to more consistently name
them.  On the /Developers page it's called "PEP Index".  On the
/Documentation page it's listed twice, once as "Python Enhancement Proposals
(PEPs)" and later on as simply "PEPs".  In both cases, the link you were
used to changed from the top margin to the left margin (I think).  All three
links are to the root PEP page.  I'll generate those two pages and make the
link read the same.  "PEP Index" seems right to me.  Long enough not to
miss, but not so long that it wraps lines.  I don't think displaying "Python
Enhancement Proposals" aids comprehension anyway, since everyone refers to
them as "PEPs".

    >> On matters such as this, I don't even bother with the website.  My
    >> browser home page is a bunch (17) of popup menus laid out in a
    >> tabular format and a few <form>s.  It has two Python-related menus:

    Dave> Setting up infrastructure takes time, though.  That's what sucks
    Dave> about computers: you gotta spend time to save time :(

Agreed.  I've been using the same basic home page for several years, so the
investment paid off long ago.  About all I do these days is add or delete a
site to one of the menus.  (Another positive side effect is that if I change
browsers I don't need to worry about how to migrate bookmarks from old to


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