Erik Max Francis max at alcyone.com
Sat Sep 20 00:15:03 CEST 2003

William Trenker wrote:

> I nominate for hero:  Spambayes!
> I have never received so many virus-related spam messages as this
> latest 'Swen' virus.  Even the recent 'Klez' virus didn't come close
> on volume of spam messages received.

I haven't seen any either, and my spam filters don't use Bayesian
methods.  The problem with this latest round of worm spam isn't that
it's bypassing filters (I just have some reasonably sane filtering rules
in my system, certainly nothing customized to this latest worm attack --
I don't even really know which rules are stopping it), it's putting
significant loads on mail servers.  Unfortunately, running an intensive,
per-user customized spam filtering solution like Spambayes _increases_
that load.

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