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Thu Sep 11 16:26:06 CEST 2003

Arthur writes:

>>I think it's a mistake to cite Lott here. As an >extreme libertarian he
>>has shown his own bias a couple of times. His >famous "More guns, less
>>crime" findings has been challenged recently >>(see e.g.
>>and he could not produce any evidence whatsoever that his telephone
>>survey on the crime-repelling effects of gun carrying has been actually
> I have never owned a gun, nor can off-hand think of anyone I know well who
> does own a gun.

Same here.

> So am not excitable on the issue.

Neither am I. I've been reading a little on the subject only because
pro-gun legislations are being discussed in my country at the moment.
Actually, at first I completely bought the "more guns, less crime"
argument. Especially the data presented for Texas and Florida were
impressive. But right now I think the data ha been practically
invalidated, and I cannot see any other arguments that would lead me to
believe that a "right-to-carry" law does more good than evil.

> But I do find that the repeated use of statistics in this thread is quite
> the problem, not quite the solution.  Those claiming a right to gun
> ownership are specifically claiming the irrelevancy of such analysis.  That
> is exactly, in many ways, the point - it seems to me.
> Statistically, they have exactly one family.  And statistically have the
> right - in their to view - to do exactly what they statistically decide is
> necessary to protect that statistic.
> To in fact specifically not be a statistic.
> Yes, there is something quite American about that viewpoint.  God bless.

I certainly wouldn't call this "American". "Evasive" would be a better

Of course anyone is entitled to protecting their own, and their family's, 
lives and property using any means she considers appropriate. But we're
all part of the big picture too, no matter how we contest it. If I
believe that passing a law will cause more deaths to take place, I will
oppose the law even if personally I wouldn't mind owning a gun for

> Art

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